2011 PFAC Annual Conference, Monterey, CA

Since its inception, Pre-FactoTM Mediation has been received with enthusiasm by both the California and national fiduciary communities.

Claudia Powell has presented lectures and workshops to raise awareness of the process, including:
2011 Professional Fiduciary Association of California Annual Conference, Monterey, CA
2012 National Guardianship Association Annual Conference, Portland, OR
2013 San Diego Region Professional Fiduciary Association Education Day Workshop, San Diego, CA
2013 Professional Fiduciary Association of California Annual Conference Workshop, Monterey, CA
2013 PFAC NorCal Education Day
As a licensed professional fiduciary, Claudia has witnessed first-hand the countless internal disputes that can hinder the efficient administration of cases. She is passionate about mediation and its pivotal role in helping to manage or prevent these problems and looks forward to continuing to hosting workshops, discussions, and lectures promoting the use of early mediation.
If you have an interest in Claudia presenting or participating in an event in your area, please contact her through this website.

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